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Set all addresses in order to proceed pickup and delivery in the best conditions. 

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Select schedule and speed of your delivery then calculate your price.

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Once ordered, track your missions in real-time and get geolocated delivery proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create an account?

Download the COURIIER APP from the App Store or Google Play. Create an account with your email address. Complete your account profile and subscribe a payment method then you are ready to order.

Can I use COURIIER without a smartphone ?

Yes. You just have to connect on COURIIER WEB APP. There, you can access your missions, accounts and favorites on your desktop computer and manage a large number of deliveries if you need to.

What is the maximum weight and size can the Messengers carry?

It depends on the equipments of the local service provider. For example in Paris, messengers can carry package until 50kg and 80cm long. This represents about 85% of global delivery needs.

Is COURIIER available in my city?

Check the Network Section to get to know all available cities.

How do I order a Messenger?

Launch the App on your Mobile phone and once you are logged in, follow the guide. Enter the Pickup details (address and access) then enter the Delivery details. Then, configurate the mission planning (Immediate, Scheduled…) and the execution speed and press Calculate Price. Finally, press Confirm Order and that’s it… your messenger is on the way.

Is my deliveries really GREEN?

The COURIIER Service Provider Network is 100% “Bike Delivery” guaranteed… sometime, messengers get a little electrical assistance 🙂

How fast will my package be delivered?

At least your package will be delivered in the same day and if you don’t want to wait, order a FLASH DELIVERY and it will be immediately executed.

When is my Credit Card used?

If you are a new user, your Credit Card will be used only if the at the very end of the mission. Once your package is delivered, your payment is processed.

Still have questions?